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Touching Lives, Improving Health

Become a Member

When you become a member of Central Arkansas Pet Partners, you are joining a community of people who are invested in improving the health and quality of life of their community. Join a community of like-minded volunteers and animal lovers.

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Membership Perks

Member Insights


Membership Perks

Member Insights


Membership has its Perks

Why You Should Join

Mentoring & Education

Central Arkansas Pet Partners provides ongoing education and mentoring for our Pet Partner teams, from the latest research to working with seasoned teams.


We provide six general membership meetings every year to provide ongoing education and allow Pet Partner handlers to network and socialize.

Building Community

When you become a member of Central Arkansas Pet Partners, you are joing a network of volunteers and animals who bring joy and healing to our community.

Member Insight

“Membership is beneficial because you have the support and mentoring of experienced handlers. CAPP can help you to find facilities you might enjoy volunteering.” – Margaret Strickland, Member

Membership Process

The Details

Become a registered team

You and your pet can become an official Pet Partners team. Our teams participate in Animal Assisted Interventions of both Animal Assisted Activities – therapy and education. Check out these steps and get ready to join a passionate group of animal advocates!

Step 1: Determine if you & your pet are ready

The first step to becoming a member and Registered Team is to determine your readiness. You can review the Pet Partners’ program requirements here.

Step 2: Take the Handlers Workshop

Pet Partners® Handler Workshop is required as part of the registration process to become a Registered Team with your animal.

You can read more about the course, and when the next one will be, by clicking here!

Step 3: Register for your Team Evaluation

This is the moment of truth when you and your pet demonstrate that together you are able to conduct safe and effective visits. The team evaluation is a simulated therapy animal visit conducted by a Pet Partners volunteer team evaluator. Remember, you must complete and pass your Handler Course before the date of your team evaluation.

You can read more about the course, and when the next one will be, by clicking here!

Step 4: Complete your application

Up next, you’ll complete your application by submitting for a background check (required for certain team visits) and submit a photo of yourself and your animal that will appear on your therapy animal team ID badge.

What’s next?


As you become more experienced, you can volunteer as a mentor for new Pet Partners trainees. Pass on what you’ve learned and continue to better your community’s health and happiness.

stay active

Animal-assisted therapy is a fast-growing field. Stay up to date on the latest training, procedures, and safety protocols with continued education provided by Central Arkansas Pet Partners.



What environments can I visit as a Pet Partner team?

You can choose whether you’d like to work with children or adults in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, behavioral centers, hospice care, etc. If you are uncomfortable in a certain setting, you do not have to visit there.

What are my responsibilities as a member?

As a member, you are responsible for completing your continuing education and paying your annual dues. All social and networking events are optional and the jobs you take are on a completely voluntary basis.

How much does membership cost?

$25 for Individual Membership

$35 for Family Membership
(Two or more members living in the same household)

$0 for Supporting Member (Member who provides service but is not AAA/AAT)

How do I become a member?

In addition to the steps listed (become a member, shadow and mentorship, and maintaining active status) you’ll need to fill out this registration form and send it to:

Allan Gates
425 W. Capitol Ave., Suite 1800
Little Rock, AR 72201

If you have any questions, please email: agates@mwlaw.com

*Please note: Birthday information only needs to be the day and month for both animals and people so they will get a birthday card.