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There are several ways in which you can get involved with Central Arkansas Pet Partners. Here are the top ways to support our mission and work:

1. Become a Pet Partner teams with your animal.

2. Volunteer to assist in Pet Partner activities. Volunteering to help in evaluations is a good way to learn about the evaluation process.

3. Donate so we can continue to offer education and animal assisted activities in our community.

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Volunteer With Your Pet

Member Insights

Event Opportunities

Volunteer With Your Pet

Member Insights

Event Opportunities

Get Involved

Volunteer With Your Pet

Become a Pet Partners Team

Become a registered Pet Partners team and work with your pet to provide much-needed comfort and assistance to those in need.

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Special Events

Help with special events in schools and hospitals as well as community education about the benefits of animal-assisted therapy.

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Member Insight

I love the Pet Partners of Central Arkansas’ mission and the joy it provides to people. I can only imagine myself in others’ shoes to truly understand the happiness it must bring people in need of a visit from a four legged friend. Clyde and I have made a few visits, and in doing so, determined our best fit is places with a one or two on one resident to pet ratio.” – Larry Bencick, Treasurer

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Learn more about how you and your pet can share the love and better the lives of people in your own community.